Medical Services

Manakai O Malama
"Embodying the healing power of the ocean"
Manakai O Malama is the largest integrative medical clinic in Hawaii. Our medical services support a broad range of healthcare needs from primary care to sleep medicine. As an integrative healthcare center we offer the advantage of combining care from multiple disciplines to more adequately address the unique needs of each patient.

Patient Centered Medical Home

Manakai O Malama is a certified patient centered medical home (PCMH). As a PCMH we strive to provide a broad array of easy to access medical and supporting services in one location. Our services include medical and rehabilitative care, wellness programs, mental health services and traditional healing services in a convenient and accessible location.
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Doctor in grey suit talking with two of patients

Healthcare Navigation

A navigator is someone who directs the route or course for others on a journey. At Manakai O Malama we have health navigators that help direct and guide the care of our patients. This provider offers care services as well as being a personal guide on your journey through the evolving and complex healthcare system. Our navigators are medical professionals with intimate knowledge of all the services offered at Manakai O Malama. With their assistance you can better access the services that would be of most benefit to you.
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