Wealth of Health: Burnout widespread among health care providers

Across the islands, health providers now suffer from unprecedented levels of burnout. The sacred practice of medicine is under fire in Hawaii’s smallest practices and in our largest hospitals. Although COVID-19 is finally abating, two years of the pandemic has left providers drained, with many choosing to opt out.

Column: Omicron variant could bring more uncertainty in 2022

As 2022 approaches we face extraordinary uncertainty. There’s a prospect of a fifth surge as news of omicron, a multifaceted mutation, possibly the most contagious yet, has already stimulated fresh travel bans. The economy is also proving hard to navigate. News of the latest mutation quickly hit the capital markets last week. Pandemic rescue funds have triggered inflation, and supply chain disruptions make for an uneven recovery. Hawaii’s visitor industry is working to implement a more sustainable strategy, but repeated changes in rules for travelers are unsettling. Following COP26, efforts to curb planetary warming continue, yet weather and sea level rise remain a major concern here in the islands.

Column: Get in step with reasonable walking goals that deliver health benefits

Virtually everyone knows that physical activity is an essential component of a healthful lifestyle. But how much and what kinds of activity can make a difference? Do you need a gym membership? Run marathons? Lift weights? Although all of these approaches have benefits, there is one valuable exercise that all of us do every day — at least, if we can walk.