Food as Medicine Foundations at Manakai

Treating and preventing disease often starts with what we put – or do not put – into our bodies.

Culinary medicine

Doctor-guided culinary and lifestyle coaching

Collaborations with local farmers

Collaborations with community restaurants

Community connections and group support

Cooking classes and teaching kitchen

Nutrition counseling

Comprehensive support of the Integrative Medicine approach

“Food as Medicine is a principle I live by and share with all of my patients as a foundational component for health.”

Rebecca Pell

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Dr. Qablawi specializes in Integrative Medicine and primary care, and has a passion for preventative care and wellness. She believes in the fundamentals of a holistic approach to health and likes to take this route with her patients. She completed her Family Medicine Residency at New York Presbyterian and Columbia Hospitals in NYC where she also served as Chief Resident during the height of the COVID 19 pandemic.

After residency she went on to complete a fellowship in Integrative Medicine at Mount Sinai in NYC, where she specialized in Culinary Medicine, a new branch of evidence-based medicine which connects the links between food and health. 



Dr. Quablawi has developed 90-day Reset, a comprehensive, state-of-the-art culinary coaching program for optimal health

work and auto injury Honolulu




Rebecca Pell is a family nurse practitioner trained in primary care, functional medicine, and the culinary arts. At Manakai O Malama, she helps patients optimize their health by teaching them to prepare and cook food that is healthy, delicious, and affordable.

Rebecca’s culinary training began with her father, a macrobiotics chef, and has included nutrition studies, working as a chef and designing meals in top restaurants, and at large retreat centers. Rebecca has a wealth of experience in creating community wellness programs to bring people together in support of good health.

Wellness Values:

  • The quality of our food matters. This is why I am dedicated to educating patients about the value of farmer’s markets and eating locally-grown foods.

  • Preventing disease starts with what we put (or do not put) into our bodies.

  • Nutritional choices are a building block on our way back to good health.