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David Kaminskas, MD

Neurologist Honolulu

Dr David Kaminskas, board certified neurologist, Director, Pacific Headache Center at Manakai specializes in headaches & general neurology. 

A Unique Approach To Healthcare


To date, Manakai O Malama has provided health care to over half a million individuals. We have over 25 different professionals working together in a collaborative medical environment. Manakai O Malama has always accepted all insurances to ensure equal access to care under existing laws.


Manakai O Malama Integrative Healthcare Group and Rehabilitation Center offers a full range of modern and traditional medical services in a personal and supportive environment where patient-centered approaches emphasize the unique needs of each patient. Health and well-being of each patient are at the core of what we do. Each patient’s path to well-being is unique and an individualized approach must be implementedto achieve optimal health


Integrative healthcare is the practice of combining modern medicine and traditional healing approaches in the everyday practice of medicine. At Manakai our focus is on collaboration between our patients and their multidisciplinary team, working together as partners to promote healing and optimal health.


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manakai Annual wellness or preventive health exam

Annual Wellness or Preventive Health Exam


Are you aware of the important role your annual Physical Exam, and recommended screening can play in your Long term health and wellness?

By checking your vision, hearing, skin check, blood pressure etc. on an annual basis you can track, screen for and detect concerning changes early.  You will have the advantage of screening tests recommended for your age, gender, and predisposition. For example, screening for heart disease and diabetes, breast, cervical, prostate and colorectal cancer, glaucoma, mental status changes etc.

The best time to encounter a health concern is early when treatment can offer the greatest possible impact. So do yourself and your family a favor and schedule an appointment for your annual physical or well woman visit.


Consider TeleHealth for your Next Appointment

If you would prefer to see your medical provider from home instead of visiting your local clinic, we offer TeleMedicine consultations during normal business hours.

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