Naturopathic medicine is a unique approach to medicine that views the body as an integrated whole and searches for the underlying cause of disease or obstacles to cure. Naturopathic treatments begin with the least invasive and most natural treatments, while emphasizing patient education and health empowerment on the way. 

-Obesity and Weight Loss Program: This pathway is intended for individuals who have an increased risk of disease due to unhealthy lifestyle habits. The goal is to develop a treatment plan that promotes the positive health benefits of weight reduction, sustainable nutrition, and regular physical activity while empowering individuals to discover their own success. Each patient works with our staff to implement and maintain positive lifestyle changes to optimize long-term health and sustain weight loss.

-Chronic Pain Management: Chronic pain affects us each in unique ways and often compromises our ability to carry out our desired lifestyle. At Manakai O Malama we offer a comprehensive integrative approach to the management of chronic pain. Patients are assessed by a physician and our integrative team of health professionals. Our approach emphasizes the use of traditional healing practices to minimize the need for pain medication, while optimizing the individual’s ability to achieve their pain management goals. Integrative healthcare has had particular success in treating patients with chronic pain by providing individuals with various options to improve their pain symptoms.